9/27 Chairs

One day we were told not to bring  our books because we where going to make chairs.  First, we got a board of wood.  Then we had to write lines were we where going to cut the board. When we were done with that we went down to cut at the lake. The next day we finished cutting are boards. We then screwed little boards in some spots of the bigger board to make it little thicker. After that we then needed to put a coat of paint on so it doesn’t rot. That is all we got done that week but we still have some work to do.

During this project I had a lots of fun. I think I had lots of fun because it wasn’t boring and to hard and I was able to get my hands dirty and work. The first day I didn’t get much done at all. It was partly my fault and I should have got more done that day because I could have got to paint the next day. If I could do it again I would have done a practice cut because my first cut was a little bad because I didn’t know how it would cut. Also I would have got more done. And last but not least I would have thought of what to draw for after.

I wonder:

I don’t know why we didn’t have some better tools or why we had to do coat of paint if we where going to paint it after. Also I don’t know why we didn’t get a better warning before we started. Thats all I have to say so bye.     


3 thoughts on “9/27 Chairs”

  1. great job lewis!! your blog really does discribe the process of making our chairs. i like how open you are about not getting as much done the first day. we all have our moments when we just aren’t feeling like we want to work. trust me i’ve been there and done that haha! keep up the good work, you seem to be doing really good with your blogs for it only being your first year. the first year i did mine i k my did 11 blogs the whole year 😬 have a good day
    -lauren m

  2. I agree with Lauren you are doing a great job on your blogs having to get used to doing them for the first time. I am curious what you wanted to be warned about before starting?

  3. I liked your blog and the reason we did not have better tools is because they are more expensive. I agree it was fun to make the chair it used to be just an eighth grade project but because of covid the seventh grade also made shairs so we can sit out side. good job on your bog Lewis.

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