last week

Last week was fun and very disgusting. First, it was disgusting. we had to get into groups of two then chew up and brake crackers. Now that doesn’t sound so bad, but that is because i haven’t told you that one person would chew a cracker for three minutes then spit it out in a cup. I don’t know why it had to be three minutes that seemed like to much. and that was my partners job so I had to watch my partner spit her cracker out in a cup. it was not fun to watch. We were seeing if chewed up crackers would be purple after we put this stuff in them or not. I didn’t know how it turned purple but it did which was cool. After we did it, the not chewed crackers turned purple which surprised me.

Then the next thing we did that week was we burned some foods. This was fun, but it didn’t smell good. We burned a Cheeto, nuts, etc. We would put them under a can full of water and record the temperature of the water before and after. The food that had more air pockets, like the Cheeto, seemed to burn more and faster then the nuts. But the nuts lasted longer so the water got hotter than the Cheetos water. I thought the nuts wouldn’t burn for some reason though. i don’t know what the water was for thought. and that it is my blog of last week in science.