last week i thought was pretty good for different reasons. I didn’t do a lot of different things and I got to go to the new play ground for half of the class one day. first thing I worked on last week was a kidney stone report. I learned a lot of stuff that i am happy to know now so i don’t get kidney stones. Then I started to make a poster of the urinary system. I also get to use candy and other stuff to make my poster with which is fun. I didn’t know what to do with most of the candies though.

last week I can’t remember much from last week but I do remember wright about kidney stones. I learned that kidney stones can happen many different ways. They can even be different sizes and effect you in different ways. Another thing i learned about them is that they travel through the urinary system and can cause blockage. speaking of the urinary system i also started making a poster of the urinary system.some of the ways people got kidney stones I thought were weird. Also now that i know more about kidney stones i have a better chance of not getting them.


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  1. Hi Lewis,
    I thought your blog was pretty good. There was a lot of spelling and grammar stuff. I did learn a lot about kidney stones though! They have always sounded scary to me. Nice job, don’t forget to post more blogs!

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